Louis is Blacksburg Law’s Director of Client Relations, acting as our boots on the ground in helping our clients finalize their estate plan documents. Louis helps our clients with document execution, organizes their asset information and works to ensure that their assets are handled according to their plan. Louis’ attention to detail, combined with his easy-going and warm personality, make him ideal for estate planning in a small firm setting.

Before Blacksburg Law closed in 2014, Louis was our office manager, paralegal, and general right-hand man around the office. He went on to become the Director of Client Relations and Office Manager, respectively, for two medium sized estate planning firms in the Bay Area. When we reconstituted the firm in 2019, Louis was elated and eagerly returned as our Director of Client Relations.

Prior to his career in estate planning, Louis served as the Deputy Director of the Office of Contract Administration for the City and County of San Francisco, Manager of the Contracts Department for the Shorenstein Company, Executive Assistant to the Senior General Counsel of Novartis Corporation (formerly Chiron), and Senior Contracts Administrator for the Chevron Real Estate Management Company (CREMCO). 

In his spare time, Louis is an award-winning public speaker. A former president of the Lakeview Toastmasters Club, Louis speaks to corporate entities, nonprofits, foster care groups, and youth organizations about overcoming life’s obstacles and finding success. Finally, Louis is a proud father of Jason, and elated grandfather of twins, Jason Jr. and Jordan, born in April 2011.